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What to expect from our conservatory cleaning service

The technician will use a water fed pole cleaning system to wash the windows along with the uPVC frames and sills of your conservatory from the outside. In case the windows have wooden frames, then only the panes will be cleaned because the wood might be damaged.

And please keep in mind that this service does not include gutter cleaning. However, you can book gutter cleaning separately and get a discount. If you would like to have the windows cleaned on the inside as well, the cleaner will use a ladder and a squeegee.

Conservatory Cleaning Price

  • £40
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  • £40
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My conservatory has gutters, can you clean them as well?

This service covers conservatory window cleaning only. However, you can book gutter cleaning as a separate service which is done with specialised equipment.

Do you provide conservatory valeting?

No, currently we do not provide such a service.

Do you clean solar panels, tiled and polycarbonate roofs?


No, right now we do not carry out such cleaning procedures.

Can you clean my fabric blinds?

We can arrange this but please keep in mind that it is a separate service. However, you can combine it with your conservatory cleaning.