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What does the garden clean up include?

A team of at least two gardeners will come to handle your garden clearance. This service is hourly-based, so when the gardeners are on-site, they will confirm the time needed for the job based on the size of the garden and its condition. Our steps to successfully tackle your overgrown garden space are:

  • Clear the areas with excessive vegetation completely;
  • Remove any specific plants you don't want anymore;
  • Trim dense hedges to a presentable state;
  • Prune or completely remove the overgrown trees that block the sun;
  • Rotovate flower beds and other planting areas;
  • Clear grass and fallen leaves;
  • Remove any weeds left;

Garden Clearance Price

  • £15/h
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  • £20/h
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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to provide any gardening tools or anything else?

The only thing the gardeners will need is a parking spot near your property, so they can bring their equipment to the garden. This, of course, means that they also need access to your place on the day of the service. We do key pick-up and delivery.

How many gardeners will come?

A team of at least 2 professional gardeners will come to your aid, depending on the amount of garden clean up work we have to manage.

When do I pay for the service?

Only when the garden tidy up is done and you are happy with the result. You can make your payment with a card or just pay the gardeners in cash.

How much does garden clearance cost?

When the gardeners arrive they will evaluate the site, and confirm the estimated time you have booked for the job.

What do you do with the green waste?

They can take away more waste for an extra charge.

What if the weather is bad?

No problem! A little drizzle and wind won’t stop the dedicated gardeners.