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What does a complete lawn care service include?

Although, a service on its own, you could also benefit from what's included below if you go for a throughout maintenance of your garden, that is also part of our portfolio. You will get a regular cut of your turf, shaping and everything else that's needed for a well-kept garden. What a successful lawn care service includes is:

  • Lawn Mowing & Trimming – Every blade of grass is kept in check to achieve that freshly cut look. To cut the lawn grass professionally special tools for edging, trimming and mowing are needed. There's also specific know-how (cut directions) and knowledge about grass growing habitsAs established experts proficient in many garden-related jobs we have that knowledge. This allows us to, therefore, promise an outstanding service.
  • Edging – The edges of the lawn are actually quite important and we can opt for several looks. This process is for aesthetics and helps a lawn look finished. It also prevents the lawn from invading your flowerbeds and other garden features.
  • Top Dressing – The process of applying topsoil to the grass and improving soil conditions. It helps to support a lush lawn throughout the year.
  • Spring Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil the right way is absolutely crucial for a healthy, strong grass. Starting the season by feeding your turf in Spring will improve the health, growth, colour and pest resistance of the grass. UK-produced lawn fertilisers are being used as well. Feeding is not done exclusively in Spring, however. The professionals will advise you if there's a need for that.
  • No weeds allowed – Any unwanted growth will be dealt with accordingly. Appropriate grass care means removing all weeds that hinder your lawn's nutrient absorption abilities.

Lawn Care Price

  • £15/h
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  • £20/h
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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide everything necessary for the service?

Yes, our professional lawn care services come with all required equipment and tools.

Can you come regularly?

Yes, just contact us and we can come up with a plan that suits you.

What about parking?

Yes, we do need to park nearby your property because of all the equipment we bring.

When should the last grass cut of the year take place in the UK?

The grass never stops growing, it only slows down, depending on the temperature. During the winter, a new leaf will appear every month or so. Depending on the weather, the last cut of the grass should be in late November or the beginning of December unless the ground is soft or frozen.

Do you work when it rains?

Yes, the bad weather is never a problem for us.

Do I have to be there during the service?

We do key pick-up and delivery and we only need access to the green spaces themselves.

What is the best time to cut the grass after winter ends?

When the temperatures rise above 5 degrees Celsius, the grass will increase its growth rate significantly. Monitor its height. Around 2.5 inches ( 6+ cm ) tall is the right height to mow after winter.

Mowing REALLY long grass: Is there an issue for you?

No, it's not a problem. We will trim the grass with a grass trimmer first, and then level it with the mower.